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Sustainable construction: a concrete revolution!

Our impact startup of the month of June is Vestack, a French startup that provides a sustainable way to reinvent the methods of construction, from the materials used to the techniques applied in order to make green buildings easier and faster.

Discover the insightful interview of two of its founders, Jean-Christophe Pierron and Sylvain Bogeat. You will learn how, thanks to pre-assembled structures, the company is able to design and build buildings made of bio-sourced materials with a carbon footprint three times better than traditional construction, a process that goes two times faster, and zero additional cost. At the beginning of March, Vestack was awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label by the foundation of the same name. “Rome wasn't built in a day. But a Vestack building can be built in a week” is their claim. Watch our video to understand how they meet this challenge in an eco-friendly way.

Many thanks to Jean-Christophe Pierron and Sylvian Bogeat for their insightful interview.

By providing its sustainable solution, Vestack contributes to the UN SDG 12 - "Responsible consumption and production".

To know more about Vestack please check this link: Vestack-Conception et construction de bâtiments modulaires biosourcés.

The Dauphine Futuria Team.

Annah hazan, Agathe Gellé, Eléonore Roty and Inès Deselaie

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