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  About Us                                                                               Qui sommes -nous? 

Looking for quality news about the future?

Voulez-vous des nouvelles du futur? 

Futuria is a blog magazine about the future. In English with a French twist, for English speaking people and also for the many people who have a good command of both languages, English and French, whether they live in France, Europe, Canada, Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, or anywhere else in the world.

Everyone on Futuria is welcome to share its views and comments about the future. How to make our future a better future? What is in the labs at the moment? What will change our lives? What ethical issues are now ahead of us? The future can be fascinating, the future can be scary, let's have a look at it, with an open and positive mind! 

Venez avec nous à la découverte du futur. Venez avec nous réfléchir à comment bâtir un meilleur futur. Discutons, débattons, partageons! Et toujours avec un esprit curieux et inventif!


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Rédacteur en chef

Francois Marmion

Lecturer in Future Studies at INSEEC. U and in Strategy a Paris Daupine University

Startup mentor at Manao

+44 (0)77-962-47100

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Web design

& Community


Elisa Langlois

King's College London

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Partner for digital marketing, intercultural business and mindfulness



Eric R.T. Vidal

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