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250 links about the future of Africa                    250 liens sur le futur de l'Afrique

Future studies

Future studies & Africa                                                        Prospective & Afrique 

Future studies & reports

African Union Agenda 2063

Brookings Foresight Africa Top priorities for the continent 2020-2030

The Africa Report 3 trends for the future of African cities

UN Africa Renewal and the future of Africa

World Politic Review Africa's future will determine the rest of the World's

Future agenda Africa growth

IFC shaping the future of Africa

World Bank Africa's development future

Future Climate for Africa

WWF the future of Africa's wildlife

The Africa Future Summit in New York and touring Africa

The future of rural Africa top 10 trends in Africa

Mail & Guardian strategic trends in Africa

World Economic Forum 9 megatrends shaping the future of Africa

ACET African Center for Economic Transformation

McKinsey insights about Africa

Videos about Africa's future

The Future is Africa

The Future of Africa in 2040

Jack Ma Africa is the future

Africa's future in 2035, facts and figures

Africa's energy projects for the future

Which countries are taking off in Africa? 



TrueAfrica the latest in Africa, from culture to technology and innovators 

Afrofuturism at the intersection of African diaspora and technology, Afrofuturism explained by the Tate Modern  

What the heck is Afrofuturism?

The best Afrofuturism images on Pinterest

African futurism defined vs. Afrofuturism

Future Africa a new political culture


Vidéos sur le futur de l'Afrique

Le futur de l'Europe se joue en Afrique

5 Méga projets qui vont faire bouger l'Afrique

Africa News l'afro-futurisme imagine l'Afrique du futur

Futur Africa futur de l'Afrique chaîne YouTube marocaine

Futur de l'Afrique en français

Afrique du futur voir l'Afrique avec les yeux du futur

Le Point Afrique les jeunes et le futur du continent

Union Africaine Agenda 2063

UNESCO futur africain: vers une émergence durable

Usbek & Rica et si le futur s'inventait en Afrique?

L'Afrique Magazine l'Afrique future usine du monde? 

Futur.e.s en Afrique

Le Monde Afrique l'Afrique futur royaume de l'innovation

Les 8 villes les plus futuristes d'Afrique

Akon City ville du futur au Sénégal


Jeune Afrique afro-futurisme

L'Opinion le futur du français en Afrique

Fictions du futur l'Afrique au futur

Numerama 4 romans dans l'Afrique du futur

The Conversation le Wakanda de Black Panther Afrique du futur?

Image by Grant Durr

Press & Media                                                                              Presse & Média


AfricaNews tech and innovation and their YouTube channel

The African editions of the big media BBC Africa and CNN Africa

BBC News about tech in Africa

SABC South African channel science and tech

TechTVAfrica a TV for African Tech

Next TV News Africa the news about the TV & Media sector in Africa

RFA Radio Future Africa

Pan African tech & innovation websites

African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development

Disrupt Africa disruption throughout the continent

All Africa the ICT landscape in Africa

Business Insider South Africa

African Business Central technology

Apps Africa tech news

IT News Africa African tech leaders

Tech Africa News and tech events in Africa

Tech Point Africa tech news in Africa

Techgist Africa latest tech news from Africa 

How we made it in Africa

African Business technology section

African Startup news websites

Startup Africa News all about startups

Tech Crunch in Africa

Tech in Africa the startup scene in Africa

DigestAfrica a platform about investment in Africa

Quartz Africa trends in African startups

TechNext ranking of African ecosystems

Biz Community tech startup news from South Africa

WeeTracker on Pinterest for African Startup News

Venture Burn startup news seen from South Africa

Africup startup summit in Tunis

Blogs about African innovation

Afrinnovator tech and entrepreneurship in Africa seen from Kenya

Techloy tech news seen from Nigeria

Timbuktu Chronicles African entrepreneurship 

TechCity tech seen from Nigeria

Tech Economy the tech economy seen from Africa's giant, Nigeria

Tech Cabal one of Africa's most successful tech blogs

Tech and Sodas African tech

Kachwanya TechMoran and TechWeez tech news seen from Kenya

Memeburn  TechDotAfrica and MyBroadband tech blogs from South Africa 

TV en français

Africanews technologie et science et leur chaîne YouTube en français

Africa24 info TV en francais

Sikka TV actu africaine en français

Medi 1 TV Afrique chaîne marocaine de l'Afrique

RFI Afrique et tech

France 24 journal Afrique

BBC Afrique en français

Presse et webzines en français

Jeune Afrique télecom et numérique

Challenge Maroc actu tech au Maroc eco business au Maroc

Terra Senegal high tech au Senegal

Financial Afrik actu business et tech

CEO Afrique technologie, innovation & sciences

StartupBoxivoire actu startups en Côte d'Ivoire

Entreprenante Afrique entreprendre en Afrique francophone

Agence EcoFin business et tech en Afrique

Vudaf le monde vu d'Afrique techno

LTE Magazine magazine tech marocain

Disrupt Tunisia actu tech Tunisie

Le Manager actu startups en Tunisie

Entrepreneurs of Tunisia l'écosystème tunisien des startups

L'économiste maghrebin actu tech

African Shapers Afrique en mutation

Algérie Eco economie numérique

Info Afrique économie et numérique

Image by sutirta budiman

Ecosystems & innovative companies          Ecosystèmes et sociétés innovantes

Most innovative companies

10 great African innovations

VC4A a platform connecting the startup ecosystem in Africa

Disrupt Africa's top 12 African startups to watch

Ventureburn's top 10 African startups to watch and top 20 incubators for African startups to apply for

Top 10 female-led African tech companies

Crunch Base list of top African startups

Top 10 African startups to watch


Tech investors in Africa

Orange Ventures Middle East and Africa

Future Africa capital for Africa

DigestAfrica a platform about investment in Africa

Top 7 rounds in Africa Tech

Large rounds in Africa

Crunch Base top VC in Africa

Partech Africa Tech venture report and Partech Africa fund

The African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association 

The most active US-based VCs in Africa

5 investors active in logistics and transportation in Africa

Green Tec German investor in Africa

10 VCs investing in Africa Tech

CRE investing in Africa Tech

10 VCs from Africa and elsewhere investing in Africa

10 Venture investors to know in Africa

Brightmore Capital investment in Francophone Africa

TAEF Tunisian American Enterprise Fund

Outlierz Ventures from Morocco to Africa


Governmental and international support to innovation in Africa

Smart Africa a digital leadership initiative by 7 African countries

AUDA-NEPAD the African Union development agency

A list of international development agencies from major countries

The UN Capital Development Fund

Make IT in Africa German cooperation

Proparco the investment branch of the French development agency

GIZ the German cooperation agency

FCDO the British agency and their investment branch CDC

The European Investment Bank in Africa

African Development Bank ICT initiatives




East Africa ecosystems

East African Journal of Science Technology and Innovation

The Kenyan startup ecosystems

The main players in the Kenyan startup ecosystem

Tracxn 10 most exciting startups in Kenya and many other lists

Actors transforming Kenyan agriculture through innovation

The Startup Universal Kenya and Uganda country guides

The startup section of Business Today Kenya

The top startups in Kenya

WeTracker list of incubators in Kenya

Nailab supporting entrepreneurs in Nairobi 

Starthub entrepreneurship in Uganda

TechPoint growing ecosystem in Rwanda

Startup Blink top startups in Rwanda

250 startup accelerator in Rwanda

Silicon Dar the community of entrepreneurs in Tanzania

The Tanzania startup association


Southern Africa ecosystems

The startup ecosystem in South Africa

The Startup Universal South Africa country guides

OCC / Google tech entrepreneurship ecosystem in South Africa

Startup Blink South Africa list

Mash Startup top incubators in SA

Entrepreneur South Africa top incubators

Silicon Cape catalyst for tech in Cape Town

Fast Company South Africa most innovative companies

Startup Guide Cape Town


West Africa ecosystems 

The startup ecosystems in Ghana and Nigeria according to VC4A

The Startup Universal Nigeria and Ghana country guides

Startup Blink Nigeria and Ghana lists

Founders Institute Lagos startup resources list

Lagos entrepreneurial ecosystem snapshot

Startup Lagos the local ecosystem

GSMA and Ghana's ecosystem

100 globally competitive startups in Ghana

Future of Ghana startup award


Ecosystèmes d'Afrique de l'Ouest

CTIC incubateur sénégalais

Socialnetlink une silicon valley à Dakar

Sekou plateforme pour entrepreneurs

Dakar Startup plateforme sénégalaises pour les startups

Teranga Tech communauté tech franco-sénégalaise

CEO Afrique Dakar terre d'entrepreneurs

Vivafrik renouveau durable au Sénégal et Afrique de l'Ouest, leur 9 startup sénégalaises prometteuses

Startupbrics les 11 incubateurs qui font bouger l'Afrique de l'Ouest

Les accelerateurs Orange Fab au Sénégal, et en Côte d'Ivoire 

Gaynako les incubateurs du Sénégal et de Côte d'Ivoire

Digital Africa dynamique de l’écosystème en Côte d'Ivoire

Top 10 et Top 15 par BlueBag Africa des startups ivoiriennes

Dream Factory incubateur public de Côte d'Ivoire

Journal d'Abidjan jeunes entrepreneurs

La porte du futur agence de développement pour l'Afrique


Ecosystèmes d'Afrique du Nord 

Maroc guide pays Startup Universal

Startup Maroc ecosystème marocain

LTE Magazine l'écosystème marocain

Start-up.Ma annuaire des startups marocaines

8 startups innovantes à suivre au Maroc

Bidaya  et Groupe Wib incubateurs marocains

Disrupt Tunisia annuaire des startups tunisiennes

Orange Fab accélérateur à Tunis

Le Manager 33 startups tunisiennes

Les incubateurs tunsiens Flat6Labs Tunis et MediaNET

Sylabs l'écosysteme d'Alger


Soutien public à l'innovation

Smart Africa a digital leadership initiative by 7 African countries

The UN Capital Development Fund

Emerging Valley sommet Europe Afrique des startups à Aix-Marseille

Proparco branche investissement de l'agence française de développement



Teranga fonds VC au Sénégal

Comoé Capital investisseurs en startup et PME en Côte d'Ivoire

Orange Ventures en Afrique

Les investisseurs les plus actifs en Afrique

I & P investissement impact en Afrique

Amethis investissement de croissance

France Invest panorama du capital investissement en Afrique



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