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The best 500 links about the future 

Les meilleurs liens sur le futur

Future studies

Future Studies    

Websites about the future

Futurism the biggest US website about the future

Wired US  & Wired UK two versions of the famous innovation magazine

The singularity hub news about the future by the Singularity University

The Reddit their corner on futurology

Twitter their hashtag on the future

The Economist Intelligence Unit an economic angle on the future

DARPA news of the future seen by the Research branch of the US military

Gizmodo paleofuture a burlesque view of a future that never happened

Future conscience a selection of the best futurist websites


Famous Futurists

Ray Kurzweil the pope of transhumanism and his co-founder of the Singularity University Peter Diamandis

Michio Kaku the physicist of the future

Klaus Schwab the man behind the 4th industrial revolution

Yuval Harari the historian talking about the future 

And many more futurists out there... please check our Top Futurist list here

The Association of Professional Futurists are you a futurist or do you want to hire one?

Universities & Courses

Institute for the Future the place in the Silicon Valley to learn about the future 

Singularity University the home of Californian trans-humanism

The EU beFORE list: where to learn future studies? and their own course

A list of University future and foresight degrees by Ross Dawson

Harvard University, an online course about disruptive strategy

University of Turku  in Finland, one of the rare Masters in future studies worldwide

Helsinki AI a free training to AI 

London Business School managing the company of the Future, leading the business into the future

The Oxford Internet Institute at the border of internet and social science  

MIT media lab the innovation hub of the famous tech university

King's College management of the future by the prestigious London College

ESCP an online course about the future beyond COVID-19 by a leading Paris business school


Future chronology & predictions

Future timeline what will happen, when? a great timeline of the future!


Long term predictions

Long bets predicting for charities

Prospective et futurisme 

Future Societies & Think Tanks

World Future Society embracing a futurist mindset

The World Future Studies Federation a global network and UNESCO partner

The future society with a focus on the governance of AI

Digital Future Society at the confluence between tech and social science

The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies debating on ethics and tech

The Rand Corporation US views on defence and future

World Economic Forum the home of the 4th industrial revolution

The McKinsey Global Institute the future seen by the leading strategy firm


Futuristes francophones

Laurent Alexandre the French doctor talking about the future

Stephane Mallard the young Frenchie

Jean-Michel Besnier the digital philosopher

Pascal Picq the paleo-anthropologist fascinated by the future

Jacques Attali un touche à tout qui est aussi un futuriste

Et enfin un clin d'oeil au plus ancien des futuristes français, le provencal Michel de Nostredame, Nostradamus

Pour en savoir plus sur d'autres futuristes, consultez notre liste ici

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Press & Media

Presse & Média


BBC Future UK most prestigious broadcaster's look at the future

BBC Click the BBC News show about the future

CNN tech innovation CNN edition about innovation

CNN business perspectives short and long term views on business issues

CNBC technology news


Press -Magazines - Newspapers

NY Times technology and society

Washington Post internet culture

San Fransisco Chronicle biz and technology from California

Newsweek technology and science

Financial times technology and economy seen by the City of London

The tech scene in the Far East with the South China Morning Post and  The Japan Times 


Specialized press about the future

A list of the best future studies publications by the World Future Studies Federation

Factor Magazine focus on the future and the impact on our lives  

Events about the future

Don't miss any top world events related to the future with Futuria's event list.

Podcasts in English

Future Thinkers a podcast about the future, society and consciousness and their top 10 blog list 

Future Talk

Future of Coding

Podcasts en Français

LCI Futur & Co le podcast de la chaîne d'information LCI sur le futur par Fabrice Collaro

Siècle digitale, podcast sur AI

Sismique, podcast sur le futur et les enjeux globaux

Blogs in English

Future conscience what is the future that we want? 

Chris Skinner's blog a reference blog about the future of finance

Nikola Danaylov wants to be the Socrates of the new times

Glen Hiemstra the

Amy Webb and the Future Today Institute

Ross Dawson a blog about the future by a strategist and entrepreneur

The Feedspot list of top futurism blogs 

YouTube channels

Futurism YouTube channel

The Singularity University YouTube channel

The Feedspot list of 20 futurist YouTube channels

Shots of Awe by Jason Silva 

TV en français

BFM TV / RMC la chronique innovation d''Anthony Morel

Arte Future Mag le magazine innovation d'Arte

Rever le futur le magazine du futur de France 5


Presse et Magazines en français

Le Figaro rubrique tech & web

Le Monde high-tech lifestyle

Les Échos tech et médias

Le Point tech et net

L'obs rubrique 2049

Courrier international science et technologies de la presse internationale traduite en français

Forbes France technologie et société

Challenge high-tech

Business Insider France innovation responsable 


Presse et webzines spécialisés

Futuribles future studies review

Futura Sciences the digital magazine in French about the future of science

FuturHebdo a weekly news webzine about the future in French

Usbek & Rica exploring the future

Influencia future and marketing

Wedemain un site pour changer d'époque

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Culture, movies & books

Culture, films et litterature


Top movies about the future

Futuria's selection of the TOP 25 movies of all times about the future



Design Musem in London!


Online Exhibitions

Business Insider 15 incredible pieces of art created by robots

Popular Mechanics robots hand in hand with humans



Cité des sciences expositions robotiques permanentes

Le Futuroscope de Poitiers parc thématique sur le futur


Livres en français

Romans francophones sur le futur - la séléction par des 15 meilleurs romans en français sur le futur!

Essais francophones sur le futur, la séléction par des 15 meilleurs essais en français sur le futur!

Le futurisme 

Guide artistique definition & caractéristiques

Grand Palais caractéristique d'une oeuvre futuriste

Beaux Arts le futurisme en 2 minutes

Culture et technologie

Afis Science un robot pourrait-il créer une oeuvre d'art?

France Culture le premier artiste robot expose à Oxford

The Conversion vers une nouvelle définition de l'art

Sciences et Avenir vers un développement high-tech

Image by Kalen Emsley

Science & Technology

Science & Technologie

Scientific magazine & ressources

The MIT prestigious technology review

Science Magazine a US classical source about science everything you want to know about space

Scientific American the sciences and technology

New scientists latest technology

Science Focus the BBC home

Popular Science technology and science news and quick hits

Nature a science research journal

Phys Org technology news

Science Alert latest technology news


Science academies

The Royal Society UK's scientific academy

The National Academy of Science US' science academy


Life Science

The Medical Futurist does AI beat doctors?

HITECH Tech & Security

National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering Science topics med-tech


Advanced materials (AMT)

PhysOrg nanotechnology news

LiveScience uses of polymers

American Chemistry Council products and technologies

Imaging and Bioengineering biomaterials 

Fraunhofer IOF Materials for Optics and Photonics

Recycling Technologies UK make plastic a more sustainable material


Low tech

Low-Tech Magazine Doubts on progress and technology

Foresight low-tech is the new high-tech

La Française Could low-tech be the key to a sustainable future?

Artificial intelligence (AI)

DeepMind expanding knowledge, finding new answers

IBM Watson and Watson health and AI IBM artificial intelligence for a smarter kind of cybersecurity

PAT Research Top 18 artificial intelligence platforms

Microsoft explore the future of autonomous systems

Medium towards AI

CSIS cybersecurity and technology

PEX robotic process automation and AI

Information and Communications technology (ICT)

Towards Data Science data processing

Engadget The next phase of computer-human interaction (future interfaces group by Carnegie Mellon University)

IBC hearing the future: the immersive sound of revolution

The Conversation A quantum computing future is unlikely, due to random hardware errors

IBM quantum computing available to anyone

Quantum Computing with PWC

IBM the future of blockchain


Green transition & Cleantech

United Nations Environment Program

United Nations Emission Gap Report

Union of Concerned Scientist countries' shares of CO2 emissions

The Guardian the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions

Construction Climate Challenge top sustainable technologies in green construction

Recharge seven emerging technologies for fighting climate change

OECD Innovations for a green transition

McKinsey nine technologies to shape sustainability

Carbon Brief China going carbon neutral

Climate action tracker monitoring pledges and actions taken

Climate Home News about green transition and climate change

World Resources Institute about natural resources available and sustainability

International Energy Agency IEA report on carbon capture and storage

State of Green ten examples of smart city solutions

Energy Transitions Commission missions possible for a green transition

Magazines scientifiques & ressources

Academie des Sciences l'acédémie scientifique française

Pour la science tout sur la technologie

La recherche, actualités scientifiques & archives

Science & Vie premier magazine européen sur l'actualité scientifique

Science & Avenir l'actualité des sciences et high-tech

Ciel & Espace au coeur de l'espace

Digital Corner many reviews on IoT

Science de la vie et technologie

Microsoft IA & ML: quels bénéfices pour l'agriculture

Sciences et Avenir nature & agriculture

Inserm la science pour la santé

Industrie et technologies innovations et biologie agro-environment

Technologie énergétique

T-Systems perspectives des réseaux futurs

FRANDROID déploiement, fonctionnement, usages et smartphones compatibles

Vattenfel comprendre le monde de l'énergie

Korii informations sur la technologie et les batteries du futur

ActuEnvironment les technologies nucléaires

Agence internationale de l'énergie atomique (IAEA) technologie nucléaire et applications

Les explorateurs de l'énergie les 9 énergies

Low tech en français

Usbek & Rica pourquoi un futur moins technologique sera plus désirable?

Le Temps Le low-tech, une piste pour contrer les outrances de la haute technologie

Low tech lab & Low tech magasine

Youmatter définitions et mise en pratique

Image by Ben Carless

Ethics & Society

Ethique & Société

Impact of artificial intelligence on the society

European Parliament issues and initiatives

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ethics of AI & robotics

Forbes innovation

AIPULSE societal impacts, governance & ethics

Bernard Marr & Co impact of AI on society

MIT technology review  and

the future of AI


Robotics & humans

Built-in impacts of robotics

Forbes innovation and robots

World Economic Forum & the role of robots in our society 

Sogetilabs labs blog on the social impact of robots

AZOROBOTICS what impactful role can robots play in our lives?


Ethics centers and committees

Markkula Center for applied ethics at Santa Clara University a list of bioethics centers and resources on bioethics

Ethics and biotechs

What is Biotech Ethics?

Life Extension biotech anti-ageing conference general resources on bioethics

MSU Bioethics center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences

Bioethics Observatory institute on life sciences

Top 15 Bioethics Blogs leading and most interesting blogs in bioethics!

Kurzweil accelerating intelligence

Forbes tech ethics Issues we should all be thinking about In 2019

Techcrunch biology as technology


Ethics, biometrics and surveillance

Financial times the surveillance market

The Verge London facial recognition

The NY Times San Fransisco bans facial recognition

The Conversation controversial credit system

BBC News Technology and the rise of facial recognition

The Economist China: facial recognition and state control

Trendmicro security news and security risks in a technology-driven world

UNIDIR security and technology


Blogs & Podcasts

Aivo are robots becoming humans

IDEATE innovation blog, can robots make us more human?

Dassaut Systemes the future of manufacturing, naviguate the future

Robo4hire robot's blog

Catenon/World the talent and innovation blog

Human robots interaction podcast


Impact de l'intelligence artificielle

France stratégie l'avenir du travail main dans la main avec l'intelligence artificielle

Sciences et Avenir la puissance de l'intelligence artificielle

We are the Jungle quel impact sur le monde du travail?

PWC l'intelligence artificielle, nouvel ennemi de l'homme?

L'orient Le Jour societé et intelligence arificielle

Les Robots et les humains

Capital les robots sont-ils des menaces pour notre quotidien?

Michel Page les robots et le monde du travail une menace pour l'emploi?

Long Long Life transhumanism

Innovation & robotiques

L'usine digitale, le robot chien

Geeko, un robot qui fait le ménage

MidiLibre un robot chirurgien

Nuro, un robot de livraison autonome

3Dnatives un robot imprimé en 3D réalise les tests de dépistages pour le COVID-19

Siècle digitale un robot a réalisé 100 000 expériences en un an

Les comités éthique

Inserm la science pour la santé

CNIL Protéger les données personnelles, accompagner l'innovation, préserver les libertés individuelles

Comité Consultatif National d'Éthiques

pour les sciences de la vie et de la santé

Image by sippakorn yamkasikorn

Future of industries & Business Verticals

Future of Energy

Shell Global inside the energy future

Shell Global sustainability and the future energy challenge

World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Energy

Deloitte energy for the future & energy shifts

Capgemini global view on the future of energy

Future for all resources on all tyes of energy

Financial Times reports on energy

Essentials the influencers review


Future of Aerospace and Space


Future Space resources about aerospace

Digitalist how to conquer the future of aerospace

Aviation Week network latest from aviation and aerospace technology

Airbus future technology & open innovation

Boeing Future U

Space X designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft

NASA future aircraft

Blue Origin latest news

IATA future of aviation industry

Virgin Galactic commercial spaceline and vertically integrated aerospace company


Future of Defense

KPMG defence and connected enterprises

Defence one the biggest changes & the future of war predicting the Future of Defense and Global Conflict

Eurofound defence and challenges for the future

Defenceindepth technology, Uncertainty, and Future War

DefenceIQ the future of drone and counter-drone technology

CIA the history of this famous intelligent agency

DARPA the future seen by the research agency of the US army


The Future of Banking

Deloitte adapting the banking system for the future

Business Insider digital only-banking technology

Tearsheet banking 2020: Technology trends and the future of banking

International Banker how Will Technology Shape the Future of Banking?

World Economic Forum what will the bank of the future look like?

World Bank blog the future of banking

Chris Skinner The future of banking in a globalised world

Via news “Does Banking Have a Future?” Brett King, CEO of Moven

Bank of England the future of finance report

Open up 2020 a contest to identify the  best Open Banking apps of the future


The future of industry verticals seen by top consulting firms

BCG the strategy firm

McKinsey & Company global strategy consulting

Bain & Company the new deal for talent

EY  what do we think?

Deloitte insights & industries


Future of Retail

Retail Dive A discussion with retail futurist Doug Stephens as a new decade dawns.

Oliver Wyman insights on the future of retail

Netguru blog on the future of retail technology

Jabil retail Technology is Transforming a $26 Trillion Industry

Digital initiative Amazon go & Alibaba: the future of retail?


Future of Fashion

Luxiders 15 innovations changing the fashion world

EcoWarrior The Future Design Series: Fashion, Innovation and Technology

ThePowerHouse Technology will eat fashion: Fashion Tech trends you need to focus on in 2020

WTVOX  10 Key Trends Redefining the future of Fashion 

BBC what will fashion be like 20 years from now?


Future of Telecom and Mobile phones

INNOSIGHT the future of the Telecommunications Industry: A Dual Transformation

Eztalks the Future of Telecommunication

Seamless what does the future hold for Telecommunications Industry?

Computerworld considering the future of mobile phones

Future of everything what’s the Future of Mobile Phones?

Techradar the future of iPhone: how Apple's handset could evolve

IDC Future of Connectedness: Collaborating in the New Reality

Gartner Group business strategy

Forrester Strategies To Transform Telcos Into Digital Services Providers


Future of Automotive and Mobility

GE Digital the future of the automotive industry

Visual Capitalist the Future of Automotive Innovation

Deloitte Insights steering into Industry 4.0 in the automotive sector

Medium connected cars: the future of the autonomous automotive industry

McKinsey & Company the future of mobility is at our doorstep

Automotive World what is the future of mobility?

Waymo technology & driving test

Level Five Supplies best blogs to read about Autonomous Car technology


Future of Real Estate

Fortune Builders what the Future of real estate has In-store

Future of everything observations and interviews on the future of real estate

KPMG global real estate trends

Millionacres 5 trends in real estate innovation

Steven Strategic Alliance The Future Success of Real Estate Stakeholders and Innovation

CBRE Age of Responsive Real Estate

Proptech the future of real estate

Forbes The Future Of Real Estate Tech

Future Proptech Top Industry Insight

State of Green Denmark 10 examples of smart city solutions

Smart Building Magazine

Smart buildings seen by Samsung

Smartest buildings in the world 


Futur des secteurs

Future of Tourism

Julius Bär blog on the future of tourism

Tourism Review News technologies shaping the future of travel

Medium technology Trends and the Future of Travel

Travel Weekly the travel industry's trusted voice

Tourism Review news

Globetrender resources, the future of travel

Forbes The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Every Kind Of Dad


Futur du tourisme

ID-Tourism prospective du tourisme

Hémisphères Le tourisme du futur, entre hypervitesse et retrouvailles

Diréction générale des entreprises tourisme en 2050

T.O.M Le tourisme du futur est-il déjà organisé ?

Magazines specialisés: Le Quotidien du tourisme et L'écho touristique 

Tour Hebdo le magazine des tours opérateurs

PagTour et étude sur les hôtels du futur


Future of Luxury

Bain &Company a look into tomorrow to understand today

Luxe Digital Trends to Stay Ahead in 2020

Amati & Associates de-materialization of Luxury

Forbes a Conversation With CEO Of LVMH

Luxurysociety the future of luxury hotels

Voguebusiness the future of fashion tech in 2020

Kering strategy and future business

LVMH Innovation Award: The Future of Luxury


Futur du luxe

Business Insider France 7 grandes tendances du luxe en 2025

Journal du luxe faites un bond de 20 ans en avant

L'ADN Innovation A quoi ressemblera le luxe en 2020?

Stratégies Le futur du luxe : l’achat en ligne


Future of Food and Agriculture

Bayer agricultural and food challenges

Visual Capitalist the future of food

European Commission the future of food and farming

Oliver Wyman the Future Of Farming Technology

ISO the future of farming

Thrive Trending 2050: The Future of Farming

Nesta different kinds of innovation that affect food

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations review & articles

Digital Food Lab food tech insight

Synergy 2020 consumer trends: the future of food & drink

Feed the Future US government's global hunger food security initiative


Le futur de l’agro-alimentaire

Consoglobe Le futur de nos assiettes, les enjeux de l’agroalimentaire

BFM Business Que sera l’usine agroalimentaire de demain ?

AgroMedia Le rapport qui dessine l’agroalimentaire de demain

Ministère de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation Pour une alimentation du futur, des solutions intelligentes

John Deere France le futur des équipements agricoles

Image by Simon Stankowski

Futuria's futuristic companies

Sociétés innovantes et futuristes

Most innovative companies

Forbes Top innovative companies & list directory

Fast Company the world's 50 most innovative companies

BCG The Most Innovative Companies 2020

MIT technology review 50 smartest companies

Deloitte named one of the most innovative companies for third year in a row


CB insights 50 future unicorns

Investor place Top 10 Unicorn Startups to Watch in 2020

Embroker unicorn startup

Venture Beat 80 regions have produced unicorns as tech democratizes

Feedough what is a unicorn startup company?

Most innovative startups

Seedtable European Startup Rankings

Startup ranking United States top ranking

The Journal Blog top 10 African startup to watch in 2020 & top 10 in other continents

MyAfricanStartUp top 100 African startups

APN News Top Eleven Innovative Startups in Asia

Angel list and their list of most innovative startups

F6S #1 for startup founder

500.Co 500 Startups is more than just a name

Crunchbase discover innovative companies and the people behind them


Don't miss any top world events related to the future with Futuria's event list.

Silicon Valley America's high tech centre & the famous Y Incubator

TechStar leading incubator

The biggest international incubator networks Tech Stars Mass Challenge Startup BootCamp accelerating innovators

Dashmote 5 Reasons why Boston’s Innovation Ecosystem is Unique

Why Miami Tech Ecosystem

GeekWire Annual innovation report details Seattle’s growing tech and science ecosystem

New York Business Journal New York City ranks second for world's best tech ecosystem

London & Partners London named one of the world’s leading startup ecosystems

News 18 Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai Make Global Startup Ecosystem List

Deloitte Israel The Israeli Technological Eco-system

Amsterdam one of the most significant IT hubs in Europe

Finland the famous Slush event

Startup Lisboa the incubator of the city of Lisbon and the biggest startup event in Europe The Web Summit in Lisbon

VivaTech in Paris where large corporate meet startups

PODIM in super dynamic Slovenia

Station F the biggest incubator in the world

France La French Tech the French tech movement throughout the world

South Summit Madrid the Spanish startup event and MWC the place where the telecom industry gather every year in Barcelona

Mission Innovation by the EU

A flair from Eastern Europe with Emerge Minsk in Belarus and the IT Arena in Lviv in Ukraine

Les sociétés les plus innovantes

INPI le palmares des entreprises françaises les plus innovantes

CNRS des évenements de l'innovation

L'Oréal entreprise centenaire innovante et digitale

Danone les objectifs pour 2030

Orange top 20 mondial des entreprises les plus innovantes

PSA Groupe inovation et technologie

AXA le nouveau visage de l'assurance santé

Airbus entreprise tricolore la plus innovante aux yeux des Français

Les startups les plus innovantes

Next 40 les quarante startups les plus importantes en France, promotion 2021 et les French Tech 120, les 120 startups les plus prometteuses qui suivent

Junto Top 15 des Startup françaises innovantes en 2020

MyFrenchStartups meilleurs startup françaises


La French Tech le mouvement français de la tech

BPI la banque publique qui soutient les entrepreneurs

Business France l'agence de soutien aux entrepreneurs à l'international

Les grands incubateurs Parisiens

Station F le plus grand des incubateurs

Les plus grand incubateurs en France

Les regions ont du talent, à Lille, à Marseille, à Lyon, à Bordeaux 

Genève en 2030 ecosysteme

Montréal l'écosystème opère main dans la main avec l'innovation

Luxproptech nouvelles innovations dans la proptech au Luxembourg

Sénégal un écosysteme fintech en effervescence

Digital Africa dynamique de l’écosystème en Côte d'Ivoire

La Tribune  le Maroc diversifie et renforce son écosystème industriel

Image by Phil Chen

Futuria's Top 60 futuristic thinkers

Famous futurists & thinkers

Ray Kurzweil the pope of transhumanism and his co-founder of the Singularity University Peter Diamandis

Michio Kaku the physicist of the future

Klaus Schwab the man behind the 4th industrial revolution

Yuval Harari the historian talking about the future

Ann-Lise Kjaer the trend and consumer mindset specialist

Amy Zalman the strategic futurist with a defence & security background

Mark Stevenson the "reluctant" futurist

Marina Gorbis social science futurist

Gerd Leonhard humanist futurist

Jason Silva philosophy, media, science

Aubrey de Grey eternal future 

Alexandra Levit the future workplace

Chris Skinner, Brett King and Moorad Choodry the futurists of finance

Nikola Danaylov wants to be the Socrates of the new times

Glen Hiemstra the

Amy Webb's Future Today Institute

Ross Dawson strategist & entrepreneur

Eric Ries the startup of the future

Anab Jain the filmmaker and designer futurist

James Canton the extreme future

Kevin Kelly the senior maverick

Doug Stephens the retail futurist

Peter Fisk recoding business

Jane McGonigal the future is a game

Marc Goodman future of crime

Francis Fukuyama geopolitical future

Nouriel Roubini predicting economics

Al Gore green future projects

Jeremy Rifkin green new deal

Tony Seba & James Arbib RethinkX and five major disruptions

Michael Spencer the last futurist

Futurist entrepreneurs

Elon Musk the serial disruptive entrepreneur and his best quotes

Jeff Bezos from books to everything

Jack Ma the Chinese self made man and his best quotes

Bill Gates his blog

Xavier Niel his station F and coding schools 42

Peter Thiel from zero to one

Mark Zuckerberg the social networker

Serguei Brin reinventing the Alphabet 

Famous futurists from the past

Alvin & Heidi Toffler the future shocks and the third wave

Samuel Huttington the future of civilizations

Isaac Asimov fiction and science

Georges Orwell big brother, 1984, animal farm, against totalitarism

Aldous Huxley against eugenics

Ray Bradbury Martian chronicles

H.G. Wells the visionary writer

Jules Verne the father of science fiction

Futurist and thinkers groups & lists

The Association of Professional Futurists are you a futurist or do you want to hire one?

How to forecast with the International Institute of Forecasters

Top female futurist list by Ross Dawson

Top 50 thinkers in management and leadership by Thinkers 50

Les penseurs du futur 

Futuristes francophones

Laurent Alexandre the French doctor talking about the future

Stephane Mallard le disrupteur

Jean-Michel Besnier philosophe digital

Pascal Picq le paleo-anthropologist fasciné par le future

Jacques Attali un touche à tout qui est aussi un futuriste

Gaspard Koenig le philosophe liberal qui a fait un tour du monde de l'IA

Yann Le Cun le Frenchie de Facebook

Aurelie Jean au coeur des algorithmes 

Virginie Raisson geopolitique et futur

Eric Sadin technocritique, art et philo

Laurence Devillers l'affectif et le social dans l'AI

Jean-Gabriel Ganascia AI et singularité

Jean-Marc Jancovici futur vert

Joel de Rosnay futuriste humaniste et sa liste de sites web sur le futur

Et enfin un hommage au père de la science fiction Jules Verne et un clin d'oeil plus ancien des futuristes français, le provencal Michel de Nostredame, Nostradamus

Instituts pour penser le futur

Institut Sapiens penser humanisme et technologie

UNESCO la littératie du futur et les labos du nouveau monde

Futurs souhaitables propagande positive sur le futur

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