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A small ball to roll, a giant relief for millions of women

African and South Asian women are used to carry litres of water on their head for kilometres every day. Although “head loading” is the traditional way of transporting water for many women, it usually leads to chronic pain that might cause serious complication during childbirth.

(Source: Wello)

The impactful company Wello deals with this huge issue by providing an alternative way of transporting water. The Waterwheel is a simple and effective tool designed for people with a poor access to safe water. The company managed to make it affordable to give access to the wider range of the population. Another main characteristic of the Waterwheel is that it is highly hygienic, and ergonomic. It is made with an idea of creating a product easy pouring and cleaning, and helps keeping clean water clean.

African women spend 25% of their time collecting water from the source to their house which can be miles away. However, Waterwheel has a capacity of 45L which contains from 2 to 5 times more water than headloading, and allows to transport it faster (source: Wello).

Waterwheel has already a massive impact on several African and Indian populations in improving by 50% the access of water, reducing illness linked to headloading, enabling women to use their time more productively and leading to 20 to 100% rise in income earned.

This type of innovation which makes water free and available for everyone becomes more and more frequent, such as the innovative company Freewa. The Croatian company includes a web platform, a mobile app where you can map free drinking location worldwide such as fountains and an eco-water bottle with a bag.

You can find more information on their website: Freewa

And, to find more about Wello and its innovations, you can go and check: Wello

These companies contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 12- “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”.

The Dauphine Futuria Team.

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