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Is GPT-3 the first step towards general artificial intelligence?

Every day we see more examples of the amazing capabilities of Open AI's GPT-3 in doing things that we thought were reserved for human beings.

To the point that some people wonder what is the true nature of GPT-3. Is it the best guessing tool around, but still a "dumb" tool manipulating signs with brio but without the least idea of their meaning? Or is it truly one of the first significant steps towards AGI, artificial general intelligence?

Here is a little very basic demo of GPT-3 here, so that you capture in a few seconds the power of this amazing NLP (Natural Language Processing) tool:

To find out more, I would strongly recommend reading this fantastic article written by John Thornhill, the FT Innovation Editor, in the Financial Times (Nov 12, 2020): "is AI finally closing in on human intelligence?". An in-depth analysis that could have been written by GPT-3 itself!!!! Do not miss it:

You can also check out an example of an article - a pretty good one indeed! - written by GPT-3 for the Guardian in one of our previous posts:

If you are still curious, please look at these other examples (article by Palash Sharma on MLK - Making AI simple):

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