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Do you like this article, written by a robot?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

A fascinating experience. The Guardian asked a computer to write an essay. They provided the theme - "why humans have nothing to fear from AI?" - wrote the first sentence and asked to keep it short (500 words) and written in a simple and concise language.

The article was then written by GPT-3, an OpenAI's language generator using machine learning to to produce human-like texts (for more details: The computer produced 8 different versions based on various arguments.

The Guardian editors, as they would do with a human journalist, took the best portions of the various versions and reordered them as they usually do with human draft work. This illustrate once again the concept of "Cobots" - cooperation between robots and humans, which is supposed to produce the best outcome of both worlds.

I have to admit I quite like the article... what about you?

Do you find it amazing? Scary? Terrifying? Reassuring?

Please tell us!


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