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A bug in the food chain

Innovations that contribute to reduce food waste and gas emissions multiply in a wide range of sectors. Since 2017, the Bulgarian company Nasekomo is developing an innovative technology to produce insect protein, oil, and fertilizer from Black Soldier Fly.

Nasekomo’s scientists, experts, and entrepreneurs have developed different types of sustainable products including food for fish, food for pets, and food for the land. The particularity of Nasekomo is their fully automated technology allowing scalable and cost-efficient production of their insect-based products.

(Source: Nasekomo)

The food for fish developed by Nasekomo constitutes a profitable and sustainable alternative to fish meals usually used for the aquaculture industry. Their technology enables them to convert organic waste into a rich protein ingredient highly-nutritious and digestible.

The natural food for pets, including cats and dogs, limits allergies linked to proteins used in the standard pet foods whilst being environmentally friendly.

And finally, food for the land includes sustainable fertilizer, rich in essential minerals. This product, based on Black Soldier fly and food fibers, is a clean alternative to chemical fertilizers.

Their products are characterised by the fact that they have zero-waste production, limit the carbon footprint of the feed industry, and improve animal health. These features led Nasekomo to become the finalists of the Chivas Venture for Bulgaria in 2018.

Moreover, Nasekomo was in February 2019 among the 5 insect producers in Europe to secure needed permits for the sale of insect protein. Their strategy targets are to position Nasekomo as a premium player in the insect industry.

This type of innovation using insects in the food industry becomes more and more frequent, such as the innovative start-up Bug Foundation which uses insects to reproduce all the ingredients of a tasty burger.

You can find more information on their website: Bug Foundation

And, to find more about Nasekomo and its innovations, you can go and check: Nasekomo

These companies contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 12- “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”.

The Dauphine Futuria Team.

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1 Comment

Thank you Inès for a very interesting article on the Nasekomo company.

Insects have been eaten for centuries in many parts of the globe, and they have been a neglected source of protein in the West. As the world population grows, it will be essential to find alternative sources of food for ourselves, and for the animals we raise, without using more land or cutting down forests.

PS: I have tasted crispy worms (larva) in Thailand, and they tasted delicious. Roaches though, are very bitter. Stick to worms! 😋

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