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5 disruptions that will deeply and quickly change the world

In their new book, "Rethinking humanity", Tony Seba and James Arbib tell us how how we are "approaching the fastest, deepest and most consequential technological disruption in history".

(Source: RethinkX)

They believe that this radical shift will come from 5 major disruptions in information, energy, transport, food and material, with the following emerging technologies:

  • "Information: 5G, broadband, small satellite networks, unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Energy: solar, wind, batteries

  • Transport: batteries, fleet-charging networks, support for AVs, and integration and conversion of rail and public transit with Transportation as a Service (TaaS)

  • Food: distributed, localized, precision fermentation production hubs

  • Materials: building production capacity for proteins and organic materials through precision fermentation".

And if you want to download the entire book, you can do it on their website:

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