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Will Covid-19 threaten the jobs of the upper middle-class?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

In this interesting opinion piece by The Telegraph, the British conservative newspaper develops an interesting point of view. The upper middle-class white collar enjoyed a privileged situation during the lock-down. They could work at home. They saved time, money and the hassle of commuting. They usually had enough space at home to work well. Often had gardens. And if they did not, they figure that they may start moving to Kent, Cornwall, Wales or other regions of the UK to have more affordable places with better quality of life than London. So, overall, lock-down wasn't that bad. And furthermore, it did offer new opportunities to live better and keep the same job.

But the crisis also shows that these same people could be replaced by anyone in the world with the same level of qualification and an adequate level of English...

Always provocative, The Telegraph concludes that "the upper middle classes are blissfully unaware that they are sitting on the same ticking timebomb that detonated under blue-collar Britain 50 years ago".

Do you agree with their views? Are upper middle-class white collars truly at risk? Which countries will benefit the most from it?

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