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What people in 1900 thought the Year 2000 would look like: the lost future of the oceans...

In this interesting article by Ana Swinson from British newspaper The Independant, we rediscover the work done by several French artists - painters and illustrators - at the time of the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris.

They had their own view of mechanization and robotics - before the first mass production systems and before even the word "robot" was invented, imagining the irruption of barber, tailor or cleaning robots. Aviation was still just emerging but they had great expectations with regards to flying machines, particularly individual ones, including flying postmen and policemen! We might have to wait a bit more for the full age of drones to get there... Connected schools were also part of their vision. More surprising, they were also expecting much more to happen in the oceans from croquet games to fish races with human riders. All this underwater life did not really happen so far.

Maybe oceans are the new frontier for humanity and not Mars? Maybe Elon Musk missed something there and should quickly create one of his futuristic companies about life in the oceans?

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