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Waymo opens its driverless taxi service to the general public

After 3 years of tests in Phoenix, Arizona, Waymo - the self-driving vehicle technology unit of Google parent Alphabet - opens its driverless taxi service to the general public in Phoenix and its metropolitan area (a 50-mile radius from downtown Phoenix). The service will be available through an app. In the near future, 100% of the rides will be wireless. Waymo use Fiat Chrysler vans to perform the service.

Waymo's cars are branded as "the World's most experienced drivers TM". Indeed, Waymo cars have "learned" the road through millions of kilometres driven in various conditions (more than 15 millions kilometres). To the point that they can now open the service with a satisfactory level of safety, ahead of the competition (General Motors' Cruise, Amazon's Zoox and Uber).

To better understand how it works, this 360° video from Waymo:

To know more about the details of the service opening in Phoenix and about Waymo:

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