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The future of healthcare and education according to UBS

In its new report "Future of humans", the Swiss bank is exploring two major fields: the future of healthcare and the future of education. Why these two? Because over the next 20 years, the world population will grow and the average age will increase, making education and healthcare even more challenging. As a leading wealth management bank, UBS is trying to identify where are the best investment opportunities in these two industries.

In education, the report is looking at when we learn, how we learn and how AI is revolutionizing education. UBS sees key opportunities in the private education sector, in language learning, in test preparation and in e-learning, as well as in education finance and student's housing.

The report also explores some fascinating questions such as: will technology replaces teachers? human vs. machine, who has the edge in learning?

(Source: UBS - Future of humans - September 2020)

In healthcare, UBS foresees a focus on preventive medicine, a shift in the location of care due to telemedicine, an ever growing oncology market (cancer treatments), a further digitization of what is one of the least digitalized industries in the world, more personalized treatments. UBS also identifies 10 moonshot technologies that are not necessarily ready yet, but that will revolutionize healthcare. Amongst them 3D bioprinting, gene editing, AI diagnosis and care robots. Another major trend is a shift from patients to healthcare consumers: more and more people will use all available opportunities to take care of themselves through digital applications and preventive medicine.

Access the full report here:

future-of-humans UBS
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