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The 2021+ new trends, according to Pinterest

At Futuria, we love to talk about the long-term future. Let's have a look today at the near future.

Who is better positioned than Pinterest to identify new "trends-to-be"? They can figure out what their 400 million visitors like, search for, are curious about. This a great observation point to figure out the next trends that may accompany us in 2021 and subsequent years in terms of travel, well-being, food, decoration, fashion, beauty, leisure...

(Source: Pinterest)

They just issued their "Pinterest Predicts" report (available for download below). As Andrea Mallard, Chief Marketing Officer at Pinterest puts it in her interesting foreword: "After the plague came the Renaissance. When people can’t venture outwards, they turn inwards. That means that a lot of internal work got done in 2020. You’ll see the fruits of that labour in 2021".

This is worth looking at if you want to figure out what the new tastes and trends are for our near future!

Here is the full English version:

Download PDF • 1.87MB

And the full French version:

Download PDF • 2.36MB

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