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First mission to Mars in 2024?

If you want a fresh update about travelling to Mars, this is an interview of Elon Musk by Robert Zubrin, president of the Mars Society, at the society's convention (source CNET). In that interview, Musk says: “I’m 80 to 90 per cent that we will reach orbit with Starship next year. I think probably 50 per cent confident we’ll be able to bring the ship and the booster back.”

He mentions that SpaceX aims to start high-volume flights in 2022. The company may demonstrate refuelling in low-Earth orbit that same year.

So when will Space X reach Mars? An uncrewed mission could be launched in “maybe four years,” or 2024. Musks says they could be ready a bit earlier but there are windows of opportunity to go to Mars only every 26 months, due to the relative position of the two planets.

According to Robert Zubrin, "Musks has the best rocket team since Von Braun".

About the Mars Society:

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