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Impacting the future starts... in your bathroom!

The world water shortage issue can be handled in many ways… Zoom on two start-ups whose new tech-devices cleverly reduce domestic water consumption.

“Save water, drink Champaign” as the joke goes! One may enjoyably practice this option on New Year’s Eve, but as for the rest of the year, we would also like to highlight the great initiatives of two start-ups which developed clever devices to reduce water wastes, tackling the world water scarcity issue in a pragmatic way.

The first one, Hydrao, is a pure French water-tech company. Founded in 2015 in Grenoble and multi-awarded, it designs intelligent and connected showerheads that raise awareness of one's water consumption in real-time and help reduce it. Thanks to connected led lights, the showerhead color changes from green to red according to the water consumption level, driving up to 70% water savings, and an average of 150 € saved per year: a beautiful color show smart for the planet… and the wallet!

(Credit: Hydrao Shower Aloe)

How to use it:

(credit: Hydrao)

This device is already for sale at a cost of around 80 € according to the model. It can also be monitored by an app for customized savings…

The second start-up we want to focus on, Cascade Water Products is based in the UK. Its ingenious multiple tank system designed for new-built houses collects wastewater from the shower or bath, filters, and processes it before reusing it as toilet water when flushing.

Here is the system that fits behind the wall:

(Credit: Cascade Water Products)

This smart recycling collector can store 100 liters of greywater, reducing by 30% water supply and sewage, and by up to 45% domestic water consumption. Already selected to fit in a five new-built Central London program and in discussion for further projects, a purpose-driven enterprise Learn more about this promising system by clicking on the following article:

These companies do practically contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 6 - "Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all".


The Dauphine Futuria Team.

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