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Bill Gates says more than 50% of business travel will disappear

Bill Gates' predictions are now scrutinized since he predicted a virus-based crisis similar to what we are experiencing today during a TED Talk in April 2015. (you can check the TED Talk here: ). At the time he said, "we're not ready for the next epidemic", adding that "we've invested very little in a system to stop an epidemic".

What could be the future of the business travel industry?

In this video from the New York Times Deal Book online summit on November 17-18, Bill Gates says he believes that more than half of business travel will disappear and over 30% of the days in the office will go away. He believes that there will be a “very high threshold” for conducting business trips.

Would you agree with him?

But then comes a very smart question from the journalist "Have you made any friends or business friends remotely since this all began?", Bill Gates acknowledged that he did not, adding, "yes, there is something missing there".

This might be a huge business opportunity for whoever could find a way to recreate that informal missing link!

(CNBC - New York Times - YouTube)

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