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AI-as-a-service, the new paradigm for the future of AI?

Developing AI costs a lot of money. AI-as-a-service - should we call it AIaaS ? - might be the new solution and the right business model to bring the power of AI to small and medium size businesses.

A few companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba master both AI and the cloud services and might be the best positioned to bring AI to "the masses" of SMEs. Several leaders in Saas, such as Sales Force for instance, may also have a role to play to develop this new business model for AI.

If you want to discover more about this, I would recommend that you read:

- this article by Daniel Newman, in Forbes, "Why AI As A Service Will Take Off In 2020?"

- and this one by Michael Spencer, in the Last Futurist, "The future of AI as a service"

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