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A new technology to drink safely

Water resources are becoming more and more polluted today. The water infrastructure is getting old and does not regulate at all the presence of organic chemicals such as pesticides and industrial reagents in water. This is a problem as studies have shown that high exposure to such contaminants leads to an increase in the risk of cancer (American Cancer Society, 2020).

The Israeli company Lishtot is here to change things.

Lishtot's technology uses electric field sensors to determine the quality of a given water sample in all its water quality detection devices. The technology is sensitive to anything that is not supposed to be in the water. Contaminants present in the water will cause interference, leading to the creation of a distorted electric field. These field distortions will vary depending on the type of contamination in the water, whether from bacteria, organics, heavy metals, pesticides, or toxins. The sensor records a result on the device and sends the data to the Lishtot mobile app using Bluetooth where further details can be found.

Other companies such as Rshydro or Applied Menbranes Inc. offer water quality test equipment to identify contaminants in the water. They offer a large selection of water quality testers, ranging from pocket testers to analytical instrumentation for measuring. Such companies answer to the sixth UN’s Sustainable Development Goal on clean water and sanitation and remind us that access to clean water is a problem affecting everyone.

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