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20 AI French startups to watch

Sifted - the web magazine about European startups, backed by the Financial Times - has issued, together with France Digitale, a list of 20 AI French startups to watch.

“If there’s one sector Europe, and France specifically, can shine on, it’s AI for industry” says Julia Fenart, head of European public affairs for France Digitale, interviewed by Sifted. "As well as embedded AI".

According to a report by Roland Berger, France ranks seventh in the world for the number of AI startups:

(Source: Roland Berger - Artificial Intelligence – A strategy for European startups - 2018)

A few examples of these 20 startups selected by Sifted, in three very different indusries, industrial processes, healthcare and marketing:

Prophesee: advanced machine vision for the industry using AI, with applications such as frequency measurement, vibration monitoring, kinematic monitoring, ultra high-speed part counting, autonomous vehicles, internet of things, security and surveillance, VR.

Owkin: AI applied to medical research, to accelerate drug discovery and precision medicine.

Tinyclues: AI powered targeting, to help marketers predicting the best ways to reach the right audience and generate more revenue from their customer database.

To find out more, have a look at the complete list of 20 established by Sifted here:

I would also recommend Sifted's newsletters:

You can check the complete 2018 report by Roland Berger here:

Download • 524KB

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