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The latest about Neom, the Saudi city of the future

Neom - Neo-Mustaqbal, which means "new future" - is a $500 billion project to build the city of the future on the shores of the Red Sea, in Saudi Arabia. It will be build from scratch, with the use of the most advanced technologies in robotics, energy, mobility, healthcare. The broader Neom project might potentially involve neighboring Jordania and Egypt as well.

It is part of the Saudi Kingdom's vision for 2030, that also includes, further south, the super luxury resort of Amaala, which is supposed to create a new Riviera of the Middle East.

Neom is still in its detailed design phases. The Saudi authorities have just awarded Bechtel to be in charge of engineering and project management for the infrastructure of the city. The U.S. giant engineering firm has been heavily involved for years in the Kingdom's projects.

With this project, which is also a gigantic communication project for the Kingdom, the Saudi authorities aim at building much more than a smart city, but what they call a "cognitive city".

The most futuristic aspect of Neom might encompass an artificial moon made of drones, flying cars and a Jurassic park displaying robot dinosaurs. The intention is also to have the latest and most sophisticated hydrogen production plants as well as top level healthcare services.

(Source: Neom - the site of the future city)

To know more about Neom, check this Big Think article: and a series of really intersting articles by Business Insider

To know more about Amaala, you can read this article from the Independant:

And the official websites of both projects:

Neom at

Amaala at

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