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Unlimited academic knowledge at your fingertips

Making learning accessible to all is the mission this revolutionary online library has made its own. Meet the new Netflix for textbooks.

For the second episode of our "Impact-Start-up of the Month", we have had the pleasure to go behind the scenes of Perlego, an amazing young online digital library. Already seen as the “Netflix for textbooks”, the platform provides affordable textbooks for learners around the world based on a subscription system that offers unlimited access to over 550.000 academic, professional, and non-fiction titles, for less than the price of a single book per month.

In our interview you will meet with Ryan Borgesius, VP of Sales, who mentions the painful experience we've all had of “buying a book 100£ to read a chapter and never use it again”, a pain point for students that the company is committed to remedying, offering accessible knowledge to everyone. You will also learn from Alberta Fumagalli Romario, business development manager, how the company’s business model relies on smart partnerships with the publishers, to whom Perlego pays royalties “based on individual usage and books consumption on the platform”. Finally, Kim Lomba, Perlego’s design director, will unveil the start-up exciting next challenge ... And much more to discover by watching our video!

Perlego actively contributes to achieving the UN SDG number 4 by promoting accessible and quality education for everyone.

Many thanks to our three speakers for kindly opening to us the doors of their brilliant “resourceful” company and sharing with us their insightful time.

For more information about Perlego :

Interview performed by The Dauphine Futuria Team

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