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Precision food: you can shop with your DNA!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Some innovations enable us to live in a healthier environment by changing our lifestyles. This is what DNA Nudge contributes to do based on our DNA.

DNA Nudge capsule and App may revolutionize the way we are shopping regarding the products better suited for our organism.

The first step of the process includes a cheek swab into the NudgeBox. Then, the specific part of the DNA related to nutrition (SNP’s) is analysed. After one hour, results are available in the App. The DnaBand has various functions. It enables us to scan products, monitor our inactivity, see which DNA traits we have in common with our friends (NudgeMatch), and help to select the right products for the whole family during the weekly shop (NudgeShare).

The DnaNudge App shows our genetic predispositions and risk levels. The nutrition-related health traits are shown either in red, amber, or green. Each time we shop the app tells us our personalized product recommendation. Based on our physical activity, our product recommendations might also change.

This type of innovation using DNA becomes more and more frequent which increases our health, such as the futuristic start-up Orig3n. This innovative company is specialized in biotechnology and develops cutting-edge treatments for rare genetic conditions targeting liver, heart, and neurodegenerative indications.

You can find more information on their website: Orig3n

And, to find more about DNANudge and its innovations, you can go and check: DNANudge

These companies contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 2- “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”.

The Dauphine Futuria Team.

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