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Fuel cells or fool cells?

We've seen recently many announcements linked to hydrogen, from Airbus' hydrogen aircrafts planned for 2035, to the first hydrogen train doing its first trip in the UK. Every day brings news of a new experiment, pilot project or application of hydrogen. Germany invests €9 billions in the industry, France €7 billions. Are we on the verge of a hydrogen hype?

If you want to know more, check out this great article from the BBC about "hydrogen, hope or hype"? :

And particularly at the end, what Elon Musk says about hydrogen, calling the hydrogen fuel cells "fool cells" because he believes the process is wasteful and makes no sense to turn electricity into a gas (to produce hydrogen), then back into electricity (to use hydrogen). Obviously, he is also pushing for his own batteries as the best solution.

Would you tend to agree with Elon Musk or with the supporter of hydrogen?

(Hydrogenics Corporation)

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