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  Best links about the future                                        Meilleurs liens sur le futur 

Future Studies                                                            Prospectives et futurisme 

Websites about the future

Futurism the biggest US website about the future

Wired US  & Wired UK two versions of the famous innovation magazine

The singularity hub news about the future by the Singularity University

The Reddit their corner on futurology

Twitter their hashtag on the future

The Economist Intelligence Unit an economic angle on the future

DARPA news of the future seen by the Research branch of the US military

Gizmodo paleofuture a burlesque view of a future that never happened

Future conscience a selection of the best futurist websites

Famous Futurists

Ray Kurzweil the pope of transhumanism and his co-founder of the Singularity University Peter Diamandis

Michio Kaku the physicist of the future

Klaus Schwab the man behind the 4th industrial revolution

Yuval Harari the historian talking about the future 

And many more futurists out there... please check our Top Futurist list here

The Association of Professional Futurists are you a futurist or do you want to hire one?

Universities & Courses

Institute for the Future the place in the Silicon Valley to learn about the future 

Singularity University the home of Californian trans-humanism

The EU beFORE list: where to learn future studies? and their own course

A list of University future and foresight degrees by Ross Dawson

Harvard University, an online course about disruptive strategy

University of Turku  in Finland, one of the rare Masters in future studies worldwide

Helsinki AI a free training to AI 

London Buisness School managing the company of the Future, leading business into the future

The Oxford Internet Institute at the border of internet and social science  

MIT media lab the innovation hub of the famous tech university

King's College management of the future by the prestigious London College

ESCP an online course about the future beyond COVID-19 by a leading Paris business school


Future chronology & predictions

Future timeline what will happen, when? a great timeline of the future!

Long term predictions

Long bets predicting for charities

Future Societies & Think Tanks

World Future Society embracing a futurist mindset

The World Future Studies Federation a global network and UNESCO partner

The future society with a focus on the governance of AI

Digital Future Society at the confluence between tech and social science

The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies debating on ethics and tech

The Rand Corporation US views on defense and future

World Economic Forum the home of the 4th industrial revolution

The McKinsey Global Institute the future seen by the leading strategy firm

Futuristes francophones

Laurent Alexandre the French doctor talking about the future


Stephane Mallard the young Frenchie

Jean-Michel Besnier the digital philosopher

Pascal Picq the paleo-anthropologist fascinated by the future

Jacques Attali un touche à tout qui est aussi un futuriste

Et enfin un clin d'oeil au plus ancien des futuristes français, le provencal Michel de Nostredame, Nostradamus

Pour en savoir plus sur d'autres futuristes, consultez notre liste ici

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Press & Media                                                                              Presse & Media


BBC Future UK most prestigious broadcaster's look at the future

BBC Click the BBC News show about the future

CNN tech innovation CNN edition about innovation

CNN business perspectives short and long term views on business issues

CNBC technology news

Press -Magazines - Newspapers

NY Times technology and society

Washington Post internet culture

San Fransisco Chronicle biz and technology from California

Newsweek technology and science

Financial times technology and economy seen by the City of London

The tech scene in the Far East with the South China Morning Post and  The Japan Times 

Specialized press about the future

A list of the best future studies publications by the World Future Studies Federation

Factor Magazine focus on the future and the impact on our lives  

Podcasts in English

Future Thinkers a podcast about the future, society and consciousness and their top 10 blog list 

Future Talk

Future of Coding

Podcasts en Français

LCI Futur & Co le podcast de la chaîne d'information LCI sur le futur par Fabrice Collaro

Blogs in English

Future conscience what is the future that we want? 

Chris Skinner's blog a reference blog about the future of finance

Nikola Danaylov wants to be the Socrates of the new times

Glen Hiemstra the

Amy Webb and the Future Today Institute

Ross Dawson a blog about the future by a strategist and entrepreneur

The Feedspot list of top futurism blogs 

YouTube channels

Futurism YouTube channel

The Singularity University YouTube channel

The Feedspot list of 20 futurist YouTube channels 

TV en français

BFM TV / RMC la chronique innovation d''Anthony Morel

Arte Future Mag le magazine innovation d'Arte

Rever le futur le magazine du futur de France 5


Presse et Magazines en français

Le Figaro rubrique tech & web

Le Monde high-tech lifestyle

Les Échos tech et médias

Le Point tech et net

L'obs rubrique 2049

Courrier international science et technologies de la presse internationale traduite en français

Forbes France technologie et société

Challenge high-tech

Business Insider France innovation responsable 

Presse et webzines spécialisés

Futuribles future studies review

Futura Sciences the digital magazine in French about the future of science

FuturHebdo a weekly news webzine about the future in French

Usbek & Rica exploring the future

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Culture, movies & books                                           Culture, films et litterature


Top movies abouth the future

Futuria's selection of the TOP 25 movies of all times about the future


Design Musem in London !

Online Exhibitions

Business Insider France 15 incredible pieces of art created by robots

Popular Mechanics robots hand in hand with humans


Cité des sciences expositions robotiques permanentes

French Books - COMING SON !

Romans sur le futur - Coming soon!

Essais sur le futur

Le futurisme 

Guide artistique definition & caractéristiques

Grand Palais caractéristique d'une oeuvre futuriste

Beaux Arts le futurisme en 2 minutes

Culture et technologie

Afis Science un robot pourrait-il créer une oeuvre d'art?

France Culture le premier artiste robot expose à Oxford

The Conversion vers une nouvelle définition de l'art

Sciences et Avenir vers un développement high-tech

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